The Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 is a great LCD display that offers excellent value for your money. It has all the features you need and more, making it perfect for use in both home and office settings. If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality LCD display, then the Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 should definitely be on your radar.

Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 Review


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✅ 128×32 OLED Display

✅ No Backlight Needed – Self-Illumination

✅ Better Performance Than Traditional LCD Displays

✅ Compatible with Arduinos, ESP8266s, ESP32s, STM32sCheck Price

1. 128×32 OLED Display

The 128×32 OLED Display on the Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 is a great addition to any DIY project. It’s easy to read and shows you exactly what’s going on while you’re building your project, no guessing necessary. Plus, it makes construction much easier and faster, since you can see what needs to be done in real time. And when it comes toDIY projects, speed is key!

2. No Backlight Needed – Self-Illumination

Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 is a portable external hard drive with an LED light that turns on when the drive is plugged in, so you can easily find it in the dark. The light also stays on while the drive is being used, so you never have to worry about losing your data again.

3. Better Performance Than Traditional LCD Displays

With a resolution of 1306 x 768, the Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 is much higher resolution than most traditional LCD displays. This means that text and images are sharper and easier to see. Not only does this make viewing information on your screen more comfortable, but it also makes it easier to spot mistakes and typos. In addition, because the display is so high resolution, you can also zoom in on specific areas if necessary without losing clarity or detail.

4. Compatible with Arduinos, ESP8266s, ESP32s, STM32s

The Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 is a great choice if you want to add an extra level of security and control to your projects by using microcontroller boards like Arduino or ESP8266. These boards have a number of features that make them perfect for use with the SSD1306 chip, like an onboard microSD card reader that makes it easy to store and access your files, as well as support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can easily control your projects from anywhere in the world with a smartphone or laptop.

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The Kiro&Seeu SSD1306 is a 1080p LCD display that offers great value for the price. With its wide range of features, this display is perfect for use in a variety of settings. Well built and easy to use, most buyers are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend it to others.

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